Sunday, February 6, 2011


Smlam pegi la ikut mama, induk ngn wa gi pekan Bahau nk beli barang2 kawen. Dah2 abes shopping snggah la kfc jap, beratur punyer panjang la, tnggu la smpi.....

We stand for brocoli, for pilates. And dental floss, we believe in the treadmill and it sibling
Stairmaster@,andeliptical.In SPF 30 we trust. WE stand for seat belts and stoping HIV. And we believe fruit makes a wonderfuldessert. We have faith in optimism. In laughter as medecine as well as penicillin. And we pledge allegiance to ONenation, invisible with resistance and cardio for all. We believe in physical therapy, physichotherapy, even music astherapy. All hail cold turkey, the gum and the past we're anti addiction. Pro antioxidation and have never met a vegatable didnt like. We believe there is art to medecine as well as science and we believe health isn''t an industry, its a cause.

WE are kaiser permenant and we stand for healty. May you live long and thrive

Smpai la aq habes salin mnde nie kt blakang baju sorang budak laki depan aq, tu pun xdpt order lg, bapak sakit atinyer. Asalnyer aq nk order chessy wedges ngn nugget jer, tpi sbbkan geram lame sngt tnggu terus order variety backet. Amik kao akak kfc, bnyak kejew kne wat hahaha.

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