Monday, February 21, 2011

A, B and C

There's A and B
they're best friends.

A once said to B,
" i guess you just don't have luck with girls. "
B, just grinned and hardly agreed because everything he's been through is true.
but B is not a whimper. He didn't want to give up until he knows when.

there's B and C
they're best friends.

B just stay quiet, like he always do.
while C was talking and chilling with A and others.
then, B was a bit surprised when C said,
" i think you'll meet someone who is the best, the bomb, the terbaek "
B was confused with that statement.
C explained,
" before this, you never have luck with those girls. I think god have better plan for you. "
" maybe god is saving you for someone who is perfect for you. "
" you're a good friend. a good son. a good student. basically, you're a good man. "
" maybe you'll find someone good for you. right now, you just have to chill. relax. be patience. "
B is wondering, when will he found that someone.
always wondering.

you can never know.
till the right time will let you know.

p/s= A:adam

*ade lak cmnie

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