Monday, September 1, 2014

He knew that now, and he would give anything to go back to that moment.
They moment where they first met.
Before anything went wrong.
Before he didn't show up for her when she needed him most. 
Before he understood that being there for somebody when it's most difficult is really all that relationships are.
Before somebody stole her heart from him and for the worst nightmare,which is his homies did it.
He knew that now and he was so sorry for what he had done. 
But he also realized that in that moment, 
he wasn't afraid, because he thought she wasn't the one. 
He was absolutely terrified, because he knew she was. 
and that, that the feeling make he wasn't able to confess her during those 3 years.
And if she could give him just one more chance, just one more chance.
She knew where to find him.