Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last Angel.

Welcome to nightmare world tonight

Shout a warning come on tonight.

I walk all alone in the darkness
I’ve grown tired of these everyday recurrences
oh please
The ideals that I’ve lost
I should be able to take them back
tonight is the final negotiation
there’s no going back.

Right now come on tonight
If you go now then you can make it, come on break out alright
believe me, come on tonight as long as I’m with you it’s alright
Until the end, come on tonight,

If you just sit idly by
there is no more use for you here, disappear and say goodbye

If you are feeling it
then stare straight forward
and I will show you how to solve
this mystery filled story.

Start moving, come on tonight
who am I being tested by? truth or lie
I can break it, come on tonight
Starting from there is alright.

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