Friday, September 24, 2010

Give em' chance...

‎"I am Jamie C. Sherrod; B-n-R in Memphis,TN. I am 31 years old Feb 27th, 1979; Today I am a man of God. Full of compassion, love, and desires and I am in need of a good woman, that I can share my thoughts, ideas, and concerns, with and I did say a good woman Because even under bad conditions, let downs, and rejections,... she knows whats in her heart is real and in these times (the hurt and trying ones) that she believe even more for someone or something to call her own. I am looking for a companion thats willing to build, willing to look beyond my situation and see the caring person I am today I am looking for a friend someone willing to talk to as well as listen, willing to put in the time and effort to get to know me, I am looking for a partner thats willing to express her feelings witout shame, lies and games with no hidden agendas."

based on true story,everybody desired a happiness, even the history tell truth, hoping people will uderstanding the faveret world game,' the weak still suffering', huhu, i like the story too much,dizz just part of it, since the scars there, its hopeless for the new life...he lost everything, but he still smiling,[thats wipe me to like dizz story], i hope i can be like him,

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